Hot and Cold Eye Massager

1. Relax / Warm compress(35°C to 42°C):

Uses gentle vibration and warm heat to open the skin pores and refresh skin, relieve dark circles, eliminate eye edema.

2. Refresh / Cool compress(19°C to 25°C):
Shrink the skin pores, lock the moisture, uses together with vibration to smooth fine lines, remove wrinkles, increase natural elasticity to tighten skin.

3. Stimulate/ Perfect high frequency sonic vibration ( Combination mode between 19°C to 42°): Improve the blood circulation, relax and sooth the eyes, relieve eye fatigue.

4. Re fresh your Eyes and Face with Hot and Cold massager features

5. How do I clean the Eye massager product ?  The products can be cleaned using an alcoholic or sanitising wipe. Additionally, you can simply use a cloth damp with hot water. DO NOT submerge Eye Massager device under water!

NoteWe recommend use to customers above age 18.

If you have parental permission then our products are safe for teenagers also.

 Spec. of eye massager beauty:

Model: SNL-E001
Material: ABS+Alloy
Charging voltage: DC 5V
Rated power of the massager: 8w
Battery capacity: 3.7v 1000mah
Vibration Frequency: 10000rpm
Charging time: 2 hours
Dimension of the massager: 52*46*172MM
Temperature range:
1. Warm compress(37°C to 42°C)
2.Cool compress(19°C to 25°C)
Package content: 1pc eye massager, 1pc USB charger, 1pc user's manual, 1pc box,1pc warranty card,1PC storage bag