Skin Rejuvenation With Photon Light
Skin Rejuvenation With Photon Light
Skin Rejuvenation With Photon Light
Skin Rejuvenation With Photon Light

Skin Rejuvenation With Photon Light

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The photon Light is a type of elementary particle. It is the quantum of the electromagnetic field including electromagnetic radiation such as light and radio waves, and the force carrier for the electromagnetic force.

How to use Skin Rejuvenation :
1. Smart color beauty instrument: Lifting and tightening, Nourishment introduction, Body shaping, Color light skin, Lighten wrinkles.
2. High frequency vibration, Phototherapy skin rejuvenation, EMS micro current, RF radio frequency
3. Full body available beauty instrument: Easy to various skin problems, comparable to beauty salon care.
4. Solve five big problems (enjoy the beauty treatment of beauty salon at home): Losing elastic flabby skin, Dull & Dark skin, Dim and slack skin with spot, Blocked pores, Rough Skin
5. 5 minutes every day to solve all kinds of problem and keep you radiant and charming.
6. Smoothing wrinkles, Removing acne, Introducing nutrients, Lifting and tightening, Whitening and brightening skin, improve skin texture, Regulate sebum secretion

Features of RF & LED skin rejuvenation instrument:

1. Lifting and tightening: EMS currents stimulates muscle movement to generate heat, open pores and introduces nutrients to firm skin, lift V face.Deep introduction to promote nutrient absorption: Polymers such as collagen are difficult to penetrate from the epidermis to the deep layers of the skin. EMS can be used to transport nutrients to the cell layer in a short time, while activating cells helps V-face lifting.

2. High frequency vibration dredges facial circulation: Through the ultra-high frequency of 3 millions per second, the essence is introduced into the skin for further study to promote the absorption of nutrients.

3. RF mode: Replenishes elastic collagen that gradually loses with age, smoothing wrinkles. Radio frequency waves reach the deep dermis to heat collagen, Collagen fiber shrinks and collagen grows healthily, Collagen is reborn to support superficial skin.


4. 4 Color light skin rejuvenation mode: Promotes the recombination of collagen and elastic fibers, eliminates pigment particles, improve red blood cells and reduces pores.